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Expert Chimney Rebuilds & Tuckpointing

Your hard-working masonry chimney has a lot to withstand. There’s the simple settling of your home, straining the chimney’s joints and causing cracks that mar its beautiful look and create serious structural defects. Then there’s water, constantly attacking its surface, then seeping into the masonry and attacking the chimney from the inside out (from eroding the mortar to freezing and expanding, causing bricks to spall). And that’s just on the outside! The high heat and corrosive gases coming at it from the inside aren’t doing it any favors, either.

Masonry repairs will inevitably be needed over the lifetime of your chimney system, given all that your chimney has to withstand. But some advice that may help you avoid more involved repairs (like chimney tear downs and rebuilds), is to call Chim Cheree, The Chimney Specialists at the first signs of a masonry problem. We will be able to correct your issues early on and prevent further damage.

If we catch mortar damage or spalling bricks while the problem is minimal or relatively confined, there’s a good chance we can repair that damage before it spreads (we can also apply a waterproofing sealant to the masonry that will help protect it against the elements, and put off further repairs).

Repairing Your Chimney With Tuckpointing

We’re happy if we can catch masonry problems before they’re so serious that the only safe solution is a rebuild. If we’re dealing with an intact chimney with some degraded mortar joints and maybe some damaged bricks, we’ll do tuckpointing work to repair those areas.

Tuckpointing is precise work. We’ll remove the damaged joints and replace them with proper new materials, taking care to make sure that materials are wisely chosen and applied to blend properly with the look of the original structure and to match its structural properties (the latter is extremely important when we’re working with older homes, since bricks and mortar used in these homes can be very different, and completely incompatible with modern mortar).

If you notice cracks or damaged joints, call us — our technicians will let you know if tuckpointing is your best option.

A Visual Story of a Chimney Rebuild Project

When Damage Is Severe, We Can Rebuild Your Chimney

If the damage to your masonry chimney is so significant that repairs just wouldn’t be a safe fix, we can do a partial or total rebuild. We’ll safely tear down the damaged structure and rebuild a new chimney that complies with all state and local building codes.

And while having to rebuild a chimney isn’t always the best news, it does offer some opportunities. If you didn’t love the look of your original chimney, we can install a new one that offers the aesthetic you’ve always wanted (while it safely and efficiently vents your heating appliance).

If your chimney needs tuckpointing work, or needs to be completely rebuilt, contact Chim Cheree, The Chimney Specialists at 864-895-4204, or use our online scheduling form!

Quality masonry repairs require special skills that have increased with our years of experience in fireplace rebuilds and renovations. You can count on Chim Cheree!

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I just wanted to say that the two gentlemen that came by this afternoon to inspect and clean our chimney did an excellent job. I was very impressed with both of them. They were very polite and knowledgeable and professional. I had a great experience.
~ Melissa