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DavidKline-GreenvilleSC-ChimChereeChimneySpecialistsDavid Kline, Certified Specialist

David grew up in the chimney services industry starting in 1978. He has spent years learning from his father, Master Sweep Bill Kline (founder of Chim Cheree), and attending many seminars and classes in the industry. He holds certifications from the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CCS, C-Det) and the National Fireplace Institute (Wood and Gas). He is a graduate of Bob Jones University and enjoys masonry projects, computers, film production and science fiction. David continues to attend various continuing education seminars and courses throughout the year, enabling him to provide the highest quality care and latest technology in products and services to our customers. David enjoys spending time educating customers and their families about their chimneys and how to have a fulfilling, worry-free experience with them.

SeanEdwards-GreenvilleSC-ChimChereeChimneySpecialistsSean Edwards, Certified Specialist

Sean joined the Chim Cheree Team in 2009. He holds certifications from the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CCS, C-Det) and the National Fireplace Institute (Wood and Gas). He is a graduate of The College of William and Mary and enjoys hiking, classic cinema and teaching Sunday School in his free time. Sean greatly enjoys wood stoves for the romance and entertainment they bring to the lives of our customers. Sean is also a highly sought after dinner guest. (So he tells us…)


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Thank you for forcing me to make what I think was the only sensible decision I could have — even though I’m having a hard time “swallowing” it. It would simply be a big mistake to continue with wood. I could find myself at any time unable to cut it myself, and buying would be out of the question. I have often regretted that I even looked up my chimney–everything has worked so well and economically with the situation I have had for all these years. I have decided to convert everything to gas — hot water heater, furnace, fireplace, stove, dryer, etc. It was your intelligent advice that made me finally come to the right conclusion. I really appreciate your interest and professional advice and will be willing to compensate you for your help. Thanks again and knowing that this won’t put any bread on the table, consider me a satisfied “non customer”.
~ Joe L.