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Chimney Inspection - Greenville SC - Chim ChereeIt’s common to not really think about the various systems operating in your home until something goes wrong. But the troubling thing about a chimney system is that sometimes problems aren’t obvious, but they can still be incredibly dangerous. For example, cracks in your chimney system could be allowing poisonous carbon monoxide into your living area, and you wouldn’t even know it was happening without an inspection (and/or a carbon monoxide detector); and a dangerous obstruction in your flue might not be apparent until a chimney fire occurs.

The best way to keep abreast of the state of your chimney and identify problems in your system early on is through a professional annual chimney inspection.

Chim Cheree, The Chimney Specialists’ technicians inspect chimneys according to specifications developed by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA). To get a more detailed look into the whole process and the CSIA’s standards, take a look at this helpful CSIA-produced video:

Different Inspections For Different Needs

Depending on your specific needs, we’ll recommend one of three levels of chimney inspection.

Level 1 inspections: Any time Chim Cheree sweeps your chimney, you’ll receive this level of inspection – it’s recommended when nothing has changed in your system or the way you use it (meaning, for example, that you haven’t changed fuels, added a new appliance or found any damage.)

Level 2 inspections: These are always performed when a property is being bought or sold, or when there’s been a change to the system. In addition to the thorough visual inspection included in Level 1, other areas, like attics and crawl spaces, are inspected.

Level 3 inspections: If problems are found, you’ll likely need this level, which can also include removing adjacent materials (like doors or drywall) to get a deeper look into the system.

Chim Cheree Documents Your Inspection, Start To Finish

When we’re finished inspecting your chimney, we don’t leave you with a scribbled report and a vague feeling of unease. We use digital cameras to document what we find. And when we complete the process of inspecting your chimney, we take the time to thoroughly explain our findings to you. We show you pictures of the chimney system and explain any problems or defects that were found. We’ll also be glad to show you how any of those defects can be corrected. Plus, we record the whole presentation and leave you with a copy on CD as a QuickTime movie so that you’ll be able to easily reference our findings and recommendations. We want you to be completely informed and prepared to make decisions about your chimney system and your home.

Chim Cheree Will Be Honest About The Improvements You Need And Don’t Need

There are no perfect chimneys, and a professional chimney inspection will certainly reveal the imperfections that hide in your system. However, imperfect chimneys are not necessarily hazardous ones. Chim Cheree technicians will make a point of trying to make these distinctions clear for you. We won’t encourage you to do work that isn’t necessary — but if you would like to have a nearly perfect chimney, we’ll show you the options that are available to you.

Are you ready for your annual chimney inspection? Call Chim Cheree, The Chimney Specialists at 864-895-4204, or use our online scheduling form!

Most chimneys need an annual chimney sweeping to keep it working safely and efficiently. That’s why it’s a basic foundation for our broad range of chimney services at Chim Cheree.

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Thank you very much for the thorough and professional job! Your knowledge and experience have set my mind at ease in regards to our fireplace and the safety as it relates to our home. I would definitely recommend you to our neighbors and friends.
~ Deanna

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