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Chimney Relining

Flue liners are designed to provide a gas-tight conduit capable of quickly and effectively venting the products of combustion.

You could consider the flue liner the MVP of your chimney system:

  • It lines the inside of your chimney, helping it work more efficiently
  • It protects nearby combustible materials from heat
  • It keeps harmful gases and other byproducts from making their way into your living areas
  • It protects the masonry of your chimney from the acidic condensation in flue gases

Having a fire with a cracked or otherwise damaged flue liner is like spending day after day at the beach without sunscreen -- if you do it, you're taking a significant risk, and more likely than not, you'll eventually have to deal with devastating results.

Flue liners are commonly made with clay tiles, stainless steel or cast-in-place concrete, and CSIA-certified Chim Cheree technicians have extensive experience installing and relining every type. If you have a damaged liner, give us a call -- we'll talk with you about the best options for returning your chimney to its proper state -- whether that's repairing your current liner or installing a new one. With Chim Cheree, you’ll have the knowledge and resources to come to an informed decision.

The Visual Story of a Chimney Relining Project

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Common Sources Of Flue Liner Damage

Like all the other parts of your chimney system, flue liners can sustain damage when water gets into your system. If cracks, gaps, holes or other voids are in your liner due to water infiltration, your Chim Cheree technician will find them and offer recommendations for restoring your system.

Chimney Fires
You might be thinking, "I'd know it if I had a chimney fire”. True, blazes that bring out the fire department are hard to miss. But you might be surprised -- many chimney fires go unnoticed, with creosote in the flue igniting and then extinguishing, causing quiet but significant damage to the flue liner. During your annual chimney inspection, a Chim Cheree technician will notice if you have the telltale signs of a chimney fire in your flue, which include puffed-out creosote and, very often, vertical cracks in the liner.

These are just two examples of common causes of flue liner damage. To have your flue liner thoroughly checked for damage, call the professionals at Chim Cheree! With our thorough and professional inspection, you'll know the condition of your chimney and be given a detailed explanation of the hazards that are found and what should be done to correct them.

Some Flue Liner Products Chim Cheree Uses

HeatShield® is a ceramic refractory product that can allow Chim Cheree technicians to safely and affordably repair a damaged flue liner or smoke chamber. The ceramic refractory material fills cracks and gaps in or between flue tiles and resurfaces damaged tiles. It also reinforces the structure of the flue, keeping it gas-tight and helping it resist acidic condensation. To see an example of a relining with Heatshield, click here. For more information on HeatShield®, click here.

Supaflu Relining
Supaflu is a lightweight, insulating concrete material, designed specifically for relining chimneys. We install it by inserting a form into the chimney and pumping the concrete material in. The result is a smooth, strong, smoke- and air-tight new liner. To see an example of a relining with Supaflu, click here. For more information on Supaflu Relining, click here.

Stainless Steel Relining
Additionally, we offer stainless steel liners, which are a great choice for chimneys venting wood stoves. The high-quality and durability of stainless steel make these liners a great investment!

Does your chimney need relining or flue liner repair? Contact Chim Cheree, The Chimney Specialists, at 864-895-4204, or use our online scheduling form!


At Chim Cheree, we install chimney caps and dampers to help prevent unwanted water, debris and even critters from getting into your about a necessary chimney service!

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