Chimney Renovation With Heatshield

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A home in Greenville was struck by lightning last Summer and some large cracks appeared in the chimney exterior as a result. We were called out to inspect the chimney and make sure it was suitable for use.

The cracks were pretty substantial, but not really a cause for significant concern. The improperly installed wood stove insert and residue of a previous flue fire were cause for concern. We explained our concerns to the homeowner and the decision was made to remove the wood stove and renovate the fireplace for worry free use.

To repair the damaged flue, we resurfaced the flue tiles with HeatShield Cerfractory Sealant and parged the smoke chamber with ChamberCoat.

On the exterior, we removed the top course of brick from the chimney and poured a proper concrete crown. The top course of brick was stepped in and encouraged water penetration of the chimney structure.

We cut the damaged brick from the chimney exterior and replaced them with brick taken from the top of the chimney.As a result, the replacement bricks matched perfectly.

A top sealing IceBreaker damper cap covers the flue and will reduce energy loss from the home when the fireplace is not in use.