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How Cold Weather Can Damage Your Chimney

Every time we have a big snow storm here in Upstate South Carolina, more potholes show up in the roads. This is called spalling damage. The same thing happens to your masonry chimney, whenever the temperature drops below freezing. Cold weather can really be hard on masonry materials. This is Read More »

3 Ways Water Ruins Your Chimney

Fire and water don’t mix particularly well — and your fireplace/chimney system and water aren’t the best friends, either. While there are a lot of things that can cause trouble in your chimney — from excess creosote in a flue that’s overdue for sweeping to blockages from nesting animals that Read More »

All About Mold

Most of us have heard the warnings enough to be fittingly concerned about the presence of mold in our homes. Breathing in indoor mold — especially black or so-called “toxic” mold — has been shown to contribute to various respiratory tract symptoms and other health issues. And its presence is Read More »

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Waterproofing A Masonry Chimney

Among the myths that abound regarding chimneys is the notion that a masonry structure is waterproof. While it is true that bricks and mortar are sturdy and durable when properly put together, they are also susceptible to damage from water penetration. Bricks and mortar readily absorb water, but release it Read More »