Why Are Masonry Repairs So Important?

Masonry chimneys are built to last for many years, but without proper maintenance, they can quickly deteriorate to the extent offixed chimney with ladder becoming a dangerous safety hazard. The exterior of your masonry chimney is constantly exposed to the elements of weather, and this can lead to water penetration damage to the bricks and mortar joints. When this type of damage is neglected, you have a much higher risk of water leaking into your home and causing serious problems. Since 1978, Chim Cheree has specialized in masonry chimney repair services in the Upstate South Carolina region, and you can depend on our team of experienced and qualified chimney professionals to take the best care of your masonry chimney. Not only can we repair your damaged bricks and mortar joints, but we also provide a variety of professional water penetration preventive services that can protect your masonry chimney for years to come. We would like to take this opportunity to tell you more about the importance of masonry chimney repairs.

What are the early signs of masonry chimney damage?

To keep your masonry chimney from suffering from extensive deterioration issues, it is very important to take care of masonry repairs as soon as possible. When your chimney is suffering from masonry damage, water has an easier time leaking into your home through the cracks and gaps that may appear. Chim Cheree recommends that you keep an eye out for early signs of masonry chimney damage, such as bowed bricks, which is when the bricks in a certain area of your masonry chimney begin to either push forward or cave inward. You should also check the exterior of your chimney on a regular basis for cracked, broken, loose, and/or missing bricks and mortar joints. We also suggest that you look for white efflorescence stains as well as darker shades of stains that may appear from mold or mildew on the chimney’s exterior.

Why is cold weather so brutal on my masonry chimney?

According to the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA), masonry deterioration can be accelerated during the winter because of freeze/thaw cycles. All masonry materials naturally absorb water from rain and melted ice and snow, and any moisture that is trapped inside the bricks and mortar joints will freeze and expand when the temperature drops below freezing. As the weather warms back up, the force of the water thawing can cause the masonry materials to crack and break apart. In just one winter season with repeated cycles of freezing and thawing, your masonry chimney can suffer from damage that may jeopardize the stability of its structure if the repairs are neglected. Over our many years of taking care of chimneys, Chim Cheree The Chimney Specialists have seen entire chimneys that have collapsed from freeze/thaw damage that was left unrepaired.

What can I expect from the masonry repair services from Chim Cheree?

Not only does our team have over 35 years of experience in providing masonry chimney repair and construction services, but we are also constantly learning more about new techniques that can help us perform the best possible work when repairing and building masonry chimneys. You can count on us to use the highest quality of masonry materials that match the appearance and durability of your existing chimney so that any repair work that we do is practically unnoticeable. We understand that masonry repair needs will vary from chimney to chimney, which is why we provide a variety of masonry building and repair services that include repointing, chimney crown construction, and chimney rebuilds.

What types of water penetration preventive services does Chim Cheree offer?

After we have completed the masonry repairs to your chimney, we will recommend the best ways that we can help you to prevent future masonry chimney damage. If there is not a chimney cap at the top of your chimney, we can show you caps made of different materials that will not only keep water out of your chimney but will also prevent birds, squirrels, raccoons, and other wild animals from getting inside the flue. One of our CSIA-certified professionals will install the cap so that it fits perfectly on the top of your chimney. To protect the vulnerable spot for water leaks where the chimney meets the roof, we offer professional flashing construction and repair services. You can count on our team to take precise measurements of your chimney to be able to cut the right sizes of metal sheeting to be wrapped around the chimney and embedded into the shingles on your roof. For the ultimate protection against winter weather masonry damage, Chim Cheree recommends our professional chimney waterproofing services. We only use formulas that are 100 percent vapor permeable so that gases can easily escape from the bricks and mortar joints without causing more damage. Your masonry chimney will be safe from freeze/thaw damage for at least a decade after we have waterproofed it. Waterproofing is one of the smartest investments you can make to prolong the life of your masonry chimney.

Neglecting to have your damaged masonry chimney repaired can lead to even more extensive deterioration that can cause your chimney to be unsafe to use. If you have noticed any signs of masonry chimney damage, contact us today at Chim Cheree. We are here for any of your professional chimney maintenance, repair, and installation needs.

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