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If you have been considering installing a gas fireplace in your home, you have most likely noticed all of the different options available. One of the main questions our customers as our staff at Chim Cheree, The Chimney Specialists is “What exactly is a direct vent gas fireplace?” A great way to update your old wood-burning fireplace, direct vent fireplaces and inserts are convenient and safe heating appliances. We have also been frequently asked the differences between a direct vent fireplace and a vent free unit. The risks involved with vent free gas fireplaces, such as combustion issues, make these heating appliances unsafe, so much that we do not recommend or even install any type of vent free gas fireplace. We would like to tell you more about direct vent gas fireplaces and the benefits they offer.

Direct Vent Gas Fireplace - Greenville SC

What exactly is a direct vent gas fireplace?

Equipped with a venting system that makes it five times more efficient than a traditional fireplace, a direct vent fireplace is a prefabricated metal fireplace that vents all gases from the combustion process directly to the exterior of the building in which it is installed. All of its exhaust gases are vented outside, and these appliances do not need additional masonry or foundation at the time of installation.

Why are traditional gas fireplaces so much less efficient?

The main reason a traditional gas fireplace is not as efficient as a direct vent gas unit because a traditional fireplace uses indoor air for combustion. According to HGTV, it takes air from inside the home to burn natiural gas or propane and sends the fumes up the flue. This process allows both heated and cool inside air to escape through ports in the firebox and through the open doors of the fireplace. Traditional gas fireplaces can also have problems with backdrafting, which can put you at risk for carbon monoxide poisoning.

How does a direct vent gas fireplace work differently?

Using outside air rather than indoor air for combustion, a direct vent fireplace is equipped with a double vent pipe. The outer chamber of this pipe pulls in air from the outdoors, and fumes exit through the inner chamber.

What are the benefits of a direct vent gas fireplace?

With a direct vent fireplace, there is no need for the flue to go through the roof, which eliminates the possibility of backdrafts and makes this type of fireplace safer to use. Direct vent fireplaces are extremely efficient because they are totally sealed off from the interior rooms by a glass door. This prevents any substantial heat loss. The most popular benefit of a direct vent gas fireplace is its flexibility of being installed anywhere in your home. If you do not have the wall space for the vent of the fireplace, it can also be vented upward through the roof. Available in many widths and heights, direct vent fireplaces can be found in all sorts of different home decor options.

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