Benefits of a Direct Vent Gas Fireplace

When you own a home, energy efficiency is very important for both the environment and your wallet. If your heating costs have been increasing, you may want to consider upgrading to a more efficient gas unit from a  wood burning unit. Traditional open fireplaces may have a cozy feel but can also have energy efficiency ratings as low as 15%. Not only does waste money and energy, but it also adds extra pollution to the air. Shopping for a new gas fireplace unit can be overwhelming because of all of the different types of these appliances.

You can count on the experts at Chim Cheree The Chimney Specialists to help you pick the perfect new gas appliance. For over 40 years, we have served the Upstate South Carolina region with our excellent professional chimney and fireplace maintenance, repair, sales, and installation services. We would like to tell you more about a highly recommended gas fireplace – a direct vent gas fireplace system.

What is a direct vent gas fireplace and how does it work?

direct vent gas fireplace One of the most economical and energy efficient ways you can heat your home is a direct vent gas fireplace. Direct vent gas fireplaces use indoor air for combustion as opposed to using outdoor air as traditional gas units do. This increases efficiency because not as much heated air is allowed to exit the home through the ports in the firebox and the open fireplace doors, according to HGTV. A convention loop is created by naturally flowing heat, and the efficiency is boosted because significant heat loss is prevented by the fireplace being sealed completely off from the interior rooms.

What are some other benefits of a direct vent gas fireplace?

Besides the increased heating efficiency, another advantage of direct vent fireplaces is a higher level of safety because the flue does not necessarily have to be installed through the roof. This decreases the risk of dangerous backdrafts. Since the flue can be placed through a wall, there is the flexibility of where to install the fireplace. We offer a wide variety of different styles and sizes of direct vent gas fireplaces. We sell appliances from Regency, but we also feature brands such as Valor, Ortal, and European Home gas appliances.

Improve the heating efficiency in your home with a direct vent gas fireplace changeout. Contact us today at Chim Cheree The Chimney Specialists to schedule an appointment. Once you have found your new unit, it will be professionally installed by one of our National Fireplace Institute-certified technicians.