The Best Chimney Cap Option

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Every chimney should have a cap to keep rain, debris and critters from entering the chimney flue. The basic single flue chimney cap does a good job of covering the flue and keeping out undesirable elements. However, covering just the flues can often make water penetration problems worse by diverting more water onto the top of the chimney.

A top mount or outside mount cap is a better choice, since this type of cap will cover most or all of the chimney top. This protects the whole top of the chimney from water. A full coverage cap will still allow water to sheet down the side of the chimney, and does nothing to eliminate the shelves caused by stepped in brick at the top of chimneys.

A new cap design has been introduced that eliminates all the water penetration problems at the top of a chimney. It is called the Big Dripper Cap and is made by Whitecaps in North Carolina. These caps represent the best chimney cap option to protect your chimney from the water damage that will slowly but inevitably destroy it.

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