Buy & Install Your New Stove Before Fall

Fall will be here before we know it, and Chim Cheree the Chimney Specialists would like to help you be prepared for cooler temperatures. If you have been concerned about higher heating bills due to the inefficiency of your old masonry fireplace, we can help you heat your home more efficiently and economically with a new wood or gas stove. New technology has led to the development of these types of stoves being designed to be installed directly into fireplace openings as fireplace inserts. Whether you prefer using wood or gas as your fireplace fuel, you will find a wide variety of both types of stoves at Chim Cheree the Chimney Specialists, and our certified technicians will install your new stove safely and properly to give you the highest possible heating efficiency. We carry several well-known brands of these stoves, and we would like to tell you a bit more about a few of them.

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If you prefer burning wood, you should consider a new fireplace insert from RSF. Manufacturing environmentally friendly fireplace inserts, RSF specializes in giving you heating performance options. We can show you certain models that are equipped with a bi-metallic damper that serves as a thermostat to provide unsurpassed temperature control in your home. With a central heating option that allows this insert to be ducted in any direction, you can distribute heat evenly throughout your home from the fireplace, or you can set up zone heating to heat specific rooms to save money on your utility bills.


Some people prefer gas fireplaces for their convenience, and we carry a wide variety of Valor fireplace inserts that are among the highest energy-efficient heating appliances available. These inserts provide impressive heating performance with comfort controls that are easy to use. No matter if your tastes are traditional or contemporary, you will find a uniquely styled gas fireplace insert that will become the centerpiece of your home.


With both wood-burning and gas stoves, Regency is one of the most respected fireplace companies in the country. Manufacturing highly efficient fireplace inserts fueled by wood or gas, Regency stoves also burn very cleanly. Whether you prefer the sensory experience of burning wood or the ease and convenience of gas, we know you will find the perfect new stove to update your hearth,
Make sure your home will be heated efficiently and economically this fall. Contact us at Chim Cheree the Chimney Specialists to learn more about our selection of both wood-burning and gas stoves.

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