Buy Your Chimney Cap from Certified Chimney Professionals

Have the professionals install your chimney cap for better quality results - Greenville SCOur customers at Chim Cheree, The Chimney Specialists, often ask us the best way to prevent water leaking into their chimneys, and we strongly recommend the professional installation of a quality chimney cap on top of the flue to protect the interior of the chimney from water from rain and melted snow. We have seen the big box discount stores like Wal-Mart and Lowe’s offer low prices on chimney caps, and we realize that saving money is a top priority for our customers. However, we also know that these chimney caps are of a much lower quality than the caps we sell and install. These inferior caps can end up costing you more money in the future. The truth about why it is so important to buy your chimney cap from certified professionals is something we feel you need to know. Knowing these tips can save your family money and keep them safe.

Certified chimney professionals only sell chimney caps constructed from long-lasting, durable materials.

There is a reason why the chimney caps available at the big box discount stores are so inexpensive, and it has to do with the materials used to make these caps. Cheaper chimney caps are typically made from aluminum or another type of galvanized metal. According to Do It Yourself, galvanized caps are prone to rust and other forms of corrosion and require a great deal of maintenance to prevent the formation of rust, which can destroy the inside of your chimney. Additionally, a galvanized chimney cap can cause corrosive exhaust if you have gas logs. We only sell chimney caps constructed from stainless steel and copper because they are durable enough to last for years and will not succumb to rusting.

The big box discount stores do not always provide professional installation services for the chimney caps they sell.

You may think installing a chimney cap by yourself is a relatively easy task, but if you want to be completely protected by your new chimney cap, it is crucial to have the cap installed by a certified professional. The qualified technicians at Chim Cheree, will guarantee that your chimney cap properly fits your chimney and is securely fastened to the flue. As well as, ensure you have the best type of chimney cap for your chimney.

Certified chimney professionals will provide an extensive warranty with the chimney cap you purchase.

Not only will a chimney cap from a big box discount store not last as long as a quality cap from certified chimney professionals, but it will not have sufficient warranty coverage to help you out when problems begin to arise. Something special we offer are warranties on all of the chimney caps we sell, and we also provide a warranty for our professional installation services.

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