A Chimney Chase Improves the Look of a Manufactured Chimney

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Manufactured or prefab chimneys are just a pipe made of stainless or galvanized steel. This type of chimney is quite popular in newer construction with manufactured fireplaces, or when a free standing wood stove is installed.

While a manufactured chimney is perfectly functional without adornment, neighbors and homeowner’s associations can complain about a pipe sticking out of your roof.

To pacify those that dislike the looks of a bare manufactured chimney, install a chimney chase around it. A chimney chase is just a box built around a manufactured chimney. It can be sided with anything from vinyl siding to cultured stone. While a chase is primarily decorative, it can increase the efficiency of a manufactured chimney by insulating it from the cold.

A chimney chase is often built of lumber using traditional carpentry techniques. These chases vary in quality and are susceptible to deterioration if not completely watertight.

We recently installed a Quickchase from Innovative Backyard Designs. The Quickchase is made to custom specifications using galvanized or stainless steel studs and HardieBacker panels. The Quickchase can be finished with just about any type of veneer you can imagine. We used thin brick to give this chase the appearance of a brick chimney.

If you have a bare manufactured chimney sticking out of your roof, we can make it look nicer. Give us a call!