Correcting Common Construction Defects- Water Penetration

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Believe it or not, most chimneys are not built properly. Some may say that that’s just my opinion, but my opinions are based on published standards from the National Fire Protection Association, the International Code Council, and the Brick Industry Association.

Of all the common defects we see in chimneys, improper termination is the one that will most assuredly damage the chimney structure over time. Masonry structures are susceptible to damage from water penetration. The chimney in particular is not protected from water by the roof. The chimney stands above the roof, exposed to the ravages of the weather from all sides.

If the chimney is not built properly to withstand the forces of nature pitted against it, it will deteriorate quickly. Early correction of water penetration problems can greatly extend the life of the chimney structure.

We just finished correcting some of these typical defects today.