Don’t Wait Until It’s Cold to have your Chimney System Serviced

If you have a chimney, you can count on us to make sure it’s well maintained and performing as safely and efficiently as it should.

If you have a chimney, you can count on us to make sure it’s well maintained and performing as safely and efficiently as it should.

We love living in the South. But let’s face it: the weather here can be just plain hot in the summer. That’s probably why most homeowners don’t think about having chimney inspections and maintenance done until the fall; unfortunately, at this point it can be tricky to get an appointment scheduled for the next day. Scheduling issues are only one of the reasons why you should consider scheduling your chimney sweep for the summer months. It’s an annual process that you’re going to have done anyway, right? Why wait? We can think of a few good reasons to have your chimney inspected during the summer.

Pollen and irritants

Here in South Carolina, our seasons might be renamed: Autumn, Ice, Pollen and Hot. During the spring, pollen can accumulate on your property very quickly. Of course, this means that it will also accumulate in your chimney if not cared for promptly and properly. Pollen is not the only allergen, however. Soot and other irritants will gather in your chimney from regular use of your fireplace during the cooler months, and can enter your home, sometimes even causing a stale or unpleasant odor. Odor can also be caused by creosote, particularly during the warm summer months. A professional chimney sweep can rid your chimney system of these irritants, allowing you to breathe more easily.

Safety of your home and your inspector

In order to properly clean your chimney system, your inspector will need access to both the fireplace indoors and the chimney from the rooftop. It’s nothing short of obvious to state that our frequent icy conditions will not allow for a safe working environment for your inspector. However, it may be less obvious to note that damage caused by snow and ice during the winter months can also lessen the integrity of your roof. Allowing for clear conditions, free of ice and snow, for your technician to work is imperative. He or she will also be able to better determine and point out any repairs which may be necessary to your chimney itself, allowing you to complete these repairs before they become a hazard to your family.

Animals love your chimney, too

The fireplace is a lovely focal point in your home. This loveliness, however, is greatly decreased with the presence of noisy and sometimes downright smelly animals who have built nests in your chimney. Birds, snakes, raccoons and squirrels, among other animals, are all known for taking up residence in your chimney system, and the summertime is the best time to rid your home of these pests once and for all! Not only will you be able to determine if they are a protected species, as with some species of birds, but also you’ll be able to eliminate the animals before they, unfortunately, die in your chimney. A decaying animal stuck in your chimney will smell extremely bad, and this odor will permeate your home. It’s better to catch the pests before they become a problem due to fire hazard, noise or smell.

These are just three reasons why you should schedule your chimney maintenance for the summer months. While professional chimney sweeps realize that during the vacation months, your chimney isn’t a priority, your safety and your chimney are our priority year round. Call Chim Cheree, The Chimney Specialists this summer to schedule your inspection, and enjoy your fireplace in time for autumn.

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