Dryer Vent Cleanings Are Just As Important As Chimney Sweepings

When you own a home, you must take on the responsibility of maintaining all of the different systems in your house for safety and efficiency reasons. One of these systems that often gets neglected is your dryer vent system. Just like your chimney and fireplace, it is recommended by many national fire safety organizations like the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) to have your clothes dryer vents professionally cleaned annually. If you have never had this service done before, now is the time to start this maintenance habit to prevent an accidental fire or a carbon monoxide leak. Chim Cheree Chimney Specialists is proud to provide dryer vent cleaning services along with our chimney and fireplace maintenance, repair, and installation services. We would like to tell you why it is so important to have your dryer vents professionally cleaned every year.


Dirty dryer vent - greenville sc - chim chereeSeveral years ago, the U.S. Fire Administration reported 15,600 structure fires that were caused by clothes dryers every year. From these fires, 15 people were killed and 400 people were injured. The main cause behind these clothes dryer fires is failure to clean the venting system. Lint is an extremely flammable substance; in fact, the Boy Scouts of America recommend using lint to start campfires. When your dryer vent is clogged with lint, the clothes dryer overheats and can easily ignite the lint. Once the lint has caught fire, your whole house could soon be in flames as well. A professional dryer vent cleaning from Chim Cheree Chimney Specialists ensures that your dryer vent is free from lint and other debris that could cause a fire hazard.


Clogged and dirty dryer vents make your clothes dryer work overtime to completely dry one load of clothes. As mentioned above, your dryer overheats, and this can cause the heating element in your dryer to burn out earlier than it should. An annual professional dryer vent cleaning helps to prolong the life of your dryer and keeps it working more effectively and efficiently.


If you regularly have to run your clothes dryer for two or more cycles to fully dry one load of clothes, you are wasting both energy and money. Damp clothes at the end of one dryer cycle is a clear sign that your dryer vent is clogged with lint and needs cleaning. After Chim Cheree Chimney Specialists cleans your dryer vent, you will immediately notice that your dryer will work much better. You will also notice that your utility bills are not as expensive because you are not having to run your dryer longer to completely dry your clothes.

Fire safety is the number one priority at Chim Cheree Chimney Specialists, which is why we provide dryer vent cleaning services. Contact us today to schedule a dryer vent cleaning appointment to prevent fires, prolong the life of your clothes dryer, and save money and energy.

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