Firebox Rebuilds

Have you noticed cracks and gaps in the firebox of your masonry fireplace? If so, you are at a high risk of a residential fire as this damage allows fire and heat to get to the combustible materials surrounding your fireplace. While many people believe their fireboxes will last forever, years of exposure to high temperatures from fires can cause erosion damage to the firebricks and mortar in the firebox. There is also the possibility that your firebox was constructed with mortar that was not made to withstand extreme temperatures. Also, firebox damage can result from your house naturally settling as well as from chimney water leaks. Fortunately, Chim Cheree the Chimney Specialists provides firebox rebuilding services to the residents of the Greenville, SC area. We would like to tell you more about firebox rebuilds.

Firebox Rebuilds - Greer SC - Chim Cheree

What has caused this damage in my masonry firebox?

If your fireplace was built without the proper footing to support its heavy weight, the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) says that the firebox will shift and crack, so you should be on the lookout for signs of movement and settling. Typically, the first area to show signs of settlement is just inside the firebox where the firebrick meets the facing material. Water leaks can also lead to firebox damage. If your chimney is uncapped, water from rain can pool on the smoke shelf to mix with any soot and form an acidic slurry that will leak into the firebricks to destroy the mortar joints.

How can Chim Cheree the Chimney Specialists repair firebox damage?

Our CSIA-certified chimney technicians will inspect the condition of the firebricks, and if we find that the bricks are in good enough condition to remain, we will use the masonry technique of tuckpointing to restore the mortar joints. We will remove the damaged mortar joints and replace them by using refractory mortar that can stand up to the extremely high temperatures produced by a fire. If we find significant firebox damage, we will recommend replacing the firebox. Our chimney experts will take out the damaged firebox and build a new one, according to your needs and tastes. You can trust us to build a safe firebox that will work much more efficiently than your old, damaged firebox.

If you have noticed cracks and gaps in your firebox, contact us at Chim Cheree the Chimney Specialists as soon as possible. We can restore or rebuild your firebox to make your fireplace safe to use.

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