Fixing Winter Masonry Damage

Cold winter weather can be really tough on masonry chimneys. The Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) reports that the condition of your chimney is worsened after water damage to the bricks and mortar. Masonry materials are porous and naturally absorb water. Also, the water inside the bricks and mortar freezes every time the weather gets cold. As a result, the water thaws and its force can be strong enough to make the masonry materials crack and break apart. This is called spalling damage. As a result, it can lead to serious structural problems, including the collapse of your chimney. Chim Cheree The Chimney Specialists provide masonry repair services and water penetration prevention services. Continue reading to learn how we can help you repair and maintain your masonry chimney.

Masonry Repair Services

If you have noticed damaged or missing bricks and/or mortar joints from your chimney, you are looking at spalling damage. To ensure the safety and soundness of your chimney, you must have the damage fixed in a timely manner. Chim Cheree The Chimney Specialists can repair and replace damaged bricks and mortar. In addition, our skilled chimney masons have tuckpointing experience. Tuckpointing is a masonry technique involving the removal of damaged mortar with special pointed tools. Next, we replace the old mortar with new, custom-mixed mortar that matches the existing masonry materials. We work hard to ensure to make the repair work look unnoticeable. If the damage is extensive, we can rebuild your chimney. Also, we provide chimney crown repair and construction masonry services.

Water Penetration Prevention Services

First of all, maintenance is key in avoiding having to repair winter masonry damage, and Chim Cheree The Chimney Specialists offers several ways to keep water out of your bricks and mortar joints. The CSIA recommends chimney caps as the most economical way of preventing water leaks, and we both sell and install a wide variety of caps. To protect the vulnerable area where your chimney meets the roof, we can install a customized flashing system that will stop water from coming into your home. Also, you can reduce your risk of spalling damage by waterproofing your chimney for the ultimate protection. We can apply a 100 percent vapor permeable formula to your chimney. Afterwards, the formula allows vapors to escape, but keeps water from being absorbed.

Make sure your chimney is safe and sound after cold winter weather. Contact us at Chim Cheree The Chimney Specialists to schedule an appointment for a chimney inspection today and find out more about our masonry services.

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