HeatShield, Supaflu, and Stainless Steel – Oh My!

If you want your chimney to function at its highest levels of efficiency and safety, you need to be sure all of its components are in good working condition. One of the most essential components of a chimney system is the liner because of the important roles it serves. According to the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) , a chimney liner protects the combustible parts of your home from heat transfer, keeps the bricks and mortar joints safe from corrosive combustion gases, and provides a properly sized flue for your fireplace or other hearth heating appliance. Even though HeatShield, Supaflu, and Stainless Steel - Greer SC - Chim Cheree Chimneymost chimney liners are built to be durable and long-lasting, they can suffer from damage over the years that can cause them to not perform their duties. For the past 40 years, Chim Cheree The Chimney Specialists has provided chimney relining services, including HeatShield, Supaflu, and stainless steel liners, to the Upstate South Carolina region as part of our professional chimney maintenance, repair, and installation services. We would like to tell you more about these relining options to help you decide which one is the best option for your chimney when it is time to be relined.


For years, repairing a damaged clay tile liner was a time-consuming task that was very costly. Fortunately, a new product called HeatShield was developed about three decades ago that has revolutionized this type of liner repair service to be much more affordable. Available in three different repair methods, HeatShield can restore the integrity of your chimney and eliminate the hazards caused by damaged clay tiles. As factory trained HeatShield installers, Chim Cheree The Chimney Specialists will first inspect your clay tile liner to see which repair method is needed and will go over with you the reasons why we recommend that method. After our work has been completed, we use special video cameras to verify the repair with HeatShield so that the work will be covered by a 20-year limited warranty.


Another easy and economical way to repair clay tile liners, Supaflu is known as a cast-in-place liner that is proven to be highly effective and very durable. Our CSIA-certified chimney technicians at Chim Cheree The Chimney Specialists have undergone the extensive training that is required to become authorized Supaflu installers, so you can trust us to properly repair the chimney liner with this product and be able to benefit from a limited lifetime warranty that covers our work.


Another chimney relining option offered by Chim Cheree The Chimney Specialists, stainless steel liners are known for their dependable and strong durability. After you have selected the best liner for your chimney, our CSIA-certified chimney professionals will install it and make sure that your chimney is properly protected. We also can customize a stainless steel liner to provide a correctly sized flue to match your new fireplace insert.

When was the last time you relined your chimney? contact us today at Chim Cheree The Chimney Specialists to schedule your appointment for our professional chimney relining services.

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