How to Help South Carolina Recover from the Flooding

Recently parts of our home state of South Carolina were devastated by historic flooding. Hundreds of people were evacuated from their homes, 17 people have died as a result of the floods, and hundreds of roads were closed, including a 75-mile stretch of Interstate 95. Some roads were even completely washed away in some areas. While our hometown of Greer, South Carolina did not experience the severity of the floods that occurred on the coast of the state, Chim Cheree Chimney Specialists has been working along with other residents in our area to help these communities recover from this disaster. We would like to tell you how you can help our state clean up after the floods by sharing some information from Greenville Online.

Recover From The Flooding (1) - Greer SC - Chim ChereeAMERICAN RED CROSS


This non-profit organization has been working hard in the affected areas since the flooding began. The Red Cross has provided shelter, food, water, and other relief supplies to people who were affected by the floods. Since the Red Cross depends largely on donations from the public, every bit you can give will go to help South Carolina recover. To make a donation, you can visit or call 1-800-RED-CROSS. If you would rather, you can also donate $10 simply by texting “REDCROSS” to 90999.


By sending Emergency and Disaster Services personnel, the Salvation Army has also been providing food, water, and shelter to victims of the floods. By donating money to the Salvation Army, you are allowing disaster responders to specifically meet the immediate needs to people who have survived the flooding. With these donations, the responders do not have to incur some of the costs of sorting, packing, transporting, and distributing goods. You can make a donation to the Salvation Army by texting STORM to 51555, calling 1-800-SALARMY, or visiting


Working with churches in Charleston and Columbia, two of the largest affected cities, this organization has raised $5,000 to help with relief efforts, but they are asking for more help. To donate, visit


Accepting voluntary donations from their guests at all of their locations, Larkin’s Restaurants are offering a free dessert for every $10 or more donation to flood relief efforts.

These are just a few of the many campaigns in our state and across the region that are working to raise money to help our state recover from these devastating floods. If you would like more information about donating to this cause, contact us at Chim Cheree Chimney Specialists.

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