Improving A Chimney’s Appearance With A Functional Chimney Cap

There are many types and styles of chimney caps available. You can get inexpensive, basic chimney caps at the Big Box Home Improvement Stores. Better quality caps are available from various specialty stores and contractors. Of course, you can get the best caps from Chim Cheree, The Chimney Specialists. We’ll even install them for you.

Sometimes, even good quality caps don’t look very good on your chimney. In the gallery above, the caps that the previous contractor installed are good quality, stainless steel caps. They have no flaws as functional caps that will last for a lifetime. However, the way they were installed just looks odd, not at all in keeping with the style of the house.

Chimneys with multiple flues will often not look good with single flue caps. Older chimneys in particular may not have the distance between flues to allow for multiple single flue caps to fit. Rather than extending flue tiles to allow caps to overlap, a multi flue cap provides a better solution.

Multiflue caps cover more than one flue, and will also cover more of the top of the chimney. Keeping water off the top of the chimney will prolong the life of the masonry structure. A large cap that covers much or all of the chimney top is a great way to do this.

Click the pictures above to see how a multi flue cap can dramatically change the appearance of a chimney.

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