Supaflu Relining Day 3

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The Supaflu had hardened overnight, so it was time for the finishing touches. The tube was deflated and removed from the flue, revealing the new Supaflu liner.

The smoke chamber needed some smoothing, and after some quality time with wood chisels and rasps, it looks pretty good.

After the smoke chamber was finished up, we poured a concrete crown at the top of the chimney, filled in some open mortar joints on the chimney exterior, and applied ChimneySaver Water Repellent.

It’s been a very warm week in the mountains of Western North Carolina with temperatures in the high 90s and the Heat Index around 107°. This kind of weather is really fun to work in, and it also breeds thunderstorms in the afternoon. With thunder rumbling in the distance, we covered the chimney with a tarp to protect the fresh concrete on top of it.

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