Is It Time to Reline Your Chimney?

Since fall is just around the corner, the time is right to be getting your fireplace and chimney ready for the first fire of the year. To get a good start on these preparations, Chim Cheree The Chimney Specialists recommend scheduling your appointment for your annual chimney sweeping and inspection services during the summer. Because the summer is our offseason, you will have an easier time getting this important maintenance service taken care of on the date that is the most convenient for you. National fire safety organizations, including the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), recommend having these maintenance tasks done before you light the first fire of the year. Having these done in the summer ensures your chimney will work safely, and we will have the time to take care of any repairs that are needed to keep you safe from risks like chimney fires and carbon monoxide leaks. One of the most common issues we find during chimney inspections is the need to reline the chimney. We would like to tell you more about the chimney relining options we offer and how they keep your chimney working safely and efficiently.


One of the functions of a chimney liner is to provide a correctly sized flue for the heating appliance. If you have updated your old masonry fireplace by installing a new fireplace insert in its opening, the existing chimney will most likely be too large for the insert to work efficiently. This is why Chim Cheree The Chimney Specialists will install a new stainless steel liner that will be properly sized to the insert. This will prevent draft issues and reduce the risk of corrosive gases from damaging the bricks and mortar of the chimney.

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Most masonry chimneys were built with built-in clay tile liners that do a great job of protecting your home from the extremely hot temperatures produced during fires transferring to the combustible parts that surround the chimney. Unfortunately, clay tile liners suffer from erosion damage over the years, and cracks and gaps in these liners can allow heat to easily transfer to your home. You could also be at risk for carbon monoxide leaking into your home through these cracks. As repairing individual clay tiles can be time-consuming and costly, Chim Cheree The Chimney Specialists has a better solution for repairing clay tile liners by using HeatShield. This ceramic refractory sealant will fill in the cracks and gaps and also does an excellent job of reinforcing and restoring the structure of the flue.


Chimney liners also protect the bricks and mortar of the chimney from the damaging and corrosive byproducts of combustion. Another option Chim Cheree The Chimney Specialists provides to reline damaged clay tile liners is using Supaflu Relining, a lightweight, insulating concrete material. We will insert a form into your chimney and expertly pour the Supaflu material in. Your chimney will be protected with a new smooth and strong liner that seals out air, smoke, and heat to protect your home.

Make sure your fireplace and chimney will be ready to use this fall by scheduling your annual chimney sweeping and inspection today. Contact us at Chim Cheree The Chimney Specialists to learn more about how we will make sure any damaged parts of your chimney will be correctly repaired by this fall.

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