Is It Time to Upgrade Your Wood Stove?

If you have been heating your home with the same old wood stove you have had for years, it is time to upgrade to a modern wood-burning stove. Although you may love your trusty old wood stove, you are not getting as much heat as you could be with a newer stove. Your older wood stove is probably also producing more polluting emissions because it does not have the latest wood-burning technology that allows modern wood stoves to be approved and certified by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Your wood stove might even be a violation of your local building codes and standards. At Chim Cheree, the Chimney Specialists, we sell and install Hampton, Regency, RSF, and Osburn wood stoves as we have found that these brands are easy to use and reliable. These stoves are also easy to service, and this will help to reduce the costs of your annual maintenance services. We would like to tell you more about why you should consider upgrading to a new wood-burning stove.

Is It time to upgrade your wood stove - Greenville SC - Chim Cheree


Unfortunately, most of the heat that is produced by an older wood stove exits out of the chimney. Improvements in wood-burning technology in the 1980’s were very beneficial to wood stoves as this technology allowed stoves to burn wood much more cleanly and efficiently. Modern wood-burning stoves that have been certified by the EPA have an average efficiency rating of 70 percent. This technology also reduces the amount of polluting emissions that are produced by your home because of how the wood burns cleaner.


Since your older wood stove does not provide as much heat to your home, you end up spending more money trying to stay warm by turning up the thermostat on your furnace or by purchasing space heaters to make up for the lack of heat. When you use a modern wood stove to heat your main living area, you will not have to resort to using more supplemental heaters. These newer wood stoves also burn less wood, so you will also be saving on your firewood costs.

Most importantly, in order for your new wood stove to function at its optimum level of efficiency, you should have the stove professionally installed. According to Mother Earth News, a critical part of your wood-burning stove is its chimney as the draft in the chimney draws in outside air for combustion and pushes the exhaust out of your home. You can count on the expert installers from Chim Cheree, the Chimney Specialists to properly connect your new wood stove to your chimney to ensure the best possible chimney draft.

Is it time to upgrade your wood-burning stove? Contact us at Chim Cheree, the Chimney Specialists to talk to our experienced staff about the options we have for you to heat your home more efficiently and less expensively.

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