Update Your Wood Stove in 2017

The beginning of a new year is a popular time to update the older appliances in your home. If you have been thinking about improving the energy efficiency in your home, Chim Cheree The Chimney Specialists can help you with choosing a new wood-burning stove. We also offer professional installation services that will guarantee that your new stove will work effectively and safely. In our wide selection of wood-burning stoves, you will find popular name brands such as RSF, Regency, Osburn, and Hampton. No matter what your home decor may be, we know you will find the style of stove that best fits your tastes. Over the past several decades, developments in technology have made for major improvements in the performance of wood-burning stoves, and we would like to tell you a bit more about the benefits of upgrading your wood stove in 2017.

Save money on utility bills

According to HouseLogic, installing a new wood stove can save you from 10 to 40 percent on your annual home heating costs. One reason why a wood-burning stove reduces your utility bills is zone heating. To take advantage of this money saver, you turn down the thermometer and use the wood stove to provide cozy and warm heat to the most commonly used room in your home. You will also save on fuel costs because new wood stoves are made with technology that requires less firewood for longer lasting fires.

Provide the right amount of heat you need for your square footage

You have a variety of options of sizes of wood stoves from which to choose. When deciding the size of stove you need, you should consider the scale of the room where the stove will be installed, the amount of insulation in your home, and the BTU rating of the appliance, which tells you how much heat can be produced. Our staff can help you select the right sized wood-burning stove that will work the best for your home.

Can be installed almost anywhere in your home

While wood-burning fireplace inserts must be connected to a working chimney, Chim Cheree can install a wood stove in the location of your choice by venting the stove through a wall. Our certified technicians always follow modern safety standards, including making sure the stove is at least 12 inches away from a combustible wall. We make sure that all of the manufacturer’s safety requirements have been met, and we will test the performance of your new stove after we have finished the installation.

Make a resolution to improve your home’s energy efficiency in 2017. Contact us at Chim Cheree The Chimney Specialists to learn more about our wood-burning stove sales and installation services.

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