Use ClifRocks For Your Summer Outdoor Needs

Winter is over, spring is in full force, and summer is on its way! Now is the perfect time to think about all those outdoor parties you’ll be hosting. It’s so easy to have big neighborhood get-togethers when you don’t have to worry about what your house looks like on the inside; just get out the lawn chairs and some folding tables, bring out the lawn games, and you’re ready to roll! With an outdoor fireplace or fire-pit, your guests can roast their own hot dogs or brat, or fire up the grill and listen for the sizzle of those burgers, chops, or steaks! Add some chips or potato salad, a little fruit, and some drinks and you have a party going on! And for dessert, set out some graham crackers or chocolate coated cookies, a variety of candy bars, and marshmallows and let your guests make up their own s’more concoctions. What could be easier and more relaxed?

Time to Clean up Your Yard

If an outdoor party sounds like it’s right up your alley, then it might be time to take a close look at your yard to see if it needs some work. Chances are a good raking and mowing will help, but there’s, even more, you can do to get it looking lovely and inviting. If you’re looking for ideas and products to transform your yard, give Chim Cheree a call. If you love the look of natural rock, we can help you achieve the look you’re searching for. At Chim Cheree, we are proud to sell ClifRock products!

ClifRock Productsfamily by a firepit

If you’re looking for a simple transformation, then ClifRock is the place to look. These engineered, fiber-reinforced products look like natural stone, but aren’t as heavy and are specially designed to endure the forces of nature. The stone panels are resistant to deep freezing temperatures, high humidity, abrasion, high temperatures, and heavy impacts, so no matter what the weather or the kids dish out, this attractive stone panel can handle it. And if you’re looking to do more than just add a path or fireplace, ClifRock is definitely more than up to the challenge.

With ClifRock, you can add a beautiful, artfully designed firepit, fireplace, or grill to your backyard to help with those outdoor cooking experiences. Nothing feels as good as sitting around a firepit on a warm summer evening, watching the kids chase fireflies while the adults enjoy beverages and conversation around the flames. Or if you’re looking for something even more convenient, how about a beautiful outdoor kitchen, so you don’t have to go running back and forth to keep the guests happy? Another pleasing addition to any yard is water. If you’d like to add a fountain or a pond, or any other type of water art, we can help with that as well. Just give us a call or stop in for inspiration. All you need to do is pick your vision; we can do the rest!

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