We Can Fix Your Smoking Fireplace

One of the most common chimney issues is smoke blowing back into the homes through the fireplace. Smoke is suppose to exit your home through the chimney, but certain problems can cause exhaust issues. Unfortunately, a smoking chimney can make you not want to use your fireplace when you feel like it. Fortunately, this issue is simple to resolve. If you suffered from this chimney problem last winter, we are here to help you enjoy your fireplace. For 40 years, we have been fixing smoking chimneys in the Upstate South Carolina region. We would like to tell you more about smoke drafting and how we can prevent it.


In order to exhaust properly, your chimney must be able to draft properly. According to The Wood Heat Organization, the amount of draft that your chimney can produce is affected by two factors: heat and height. If you are experiencing smoke blowing back into your homes, we must see if your chimney meets the height requirements.

Chimney height must be two feet taller than the highest roof vent in the structure. This can often be much higher than is required by code and is sometimes impractical to do, then other options must be considered. We will inspect your flue to see if its size correctly matches the size of your fireplace appliance. If you have installed a new fireplace insert, the chimney is most likely too large for the appliance. This can lead to your chimney not getting hot enough to draft properly. Our trained and certified chimney experts will take precise measurements of your appliance and customize a stainless steel liner to create a correctly sized flue.


If you have noticed that your chimney only blows back smoke through the fireplace on windy days, we can also help you solve this draft issue. Although it is impossible to control the wind, there is a way to direct its flow into your chimney. Chimney caps designed with side vents are specially placed to improve the draft. We can show you the different style and shape options of our inventory of draft-improving chimney caps. Once you have selected your favorite, our professional technicians can properly install the cap.

Don’t let a smoking chimney stop you from using your fireplace this fall. Contact us today at Chim Cheree The Chimney Specialists to schedule your annual chimney maintenance service appointment with our professional chimney sweeps.

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