We Can Fix Your Smoky Chimney

One of the most frustrating feelings can be when you have trouble getting a fire started in your fireplace. After you try as many tricks as you can, you finally get something going, but unfortunately, there is more smoke than flames. If you are experiencing problems with a smoky fireplace and chimney, you may be at the point of giving up. Before you decide to close up your fireplace, you should give Chim Cheree The Chimney Specialists a call to check out your smoke problem. Since 1978, we have been taking care of the chimneys in the Upstate South Carolina region, and our chimney professionals have the training and skills that are necessary to deal with every type of chimney and fireplace issue. We would like to tell you more about a couple of the reasons why your chimney may be so smoky.

DRAFT PROBLEMSWe Can Fix Your Smoky Chimney

More often than not, a smoky chimney has to do with draft issues. If your chimney cannot draft properly, you will have problems with getting a fire started as well as difficulties keeping smoke out of your home. According to Chimneys.Com, the height of your chimney plays an important role in how draft is affected. Chim Cheree The Chimney Specialists can check to be sure your chimney meets the mandated height requirement of being at least three feet above your roof and two feet higher than anything within ten feet of the chimney. If the height is not the issue, we can recommend a special type of chimney cap that is equipped with side vents that direct the wind to help your chimney draft properly. No matter what could be causing the draft problems, you can count on us to find and correct the issue.


In a masonry chimney, the smoke chamber is located directly above the throat damper, and its size can make a difference in how it works to funnel smoke up into the chimney. An oversized smoke chamber can lead to draft problems, but when the smoke chamber is too small, you will experience smoke curling out of the top of the fireplace and blowing back into your home. Your smoke chamber should be at least three feet high, but if it is shorter than 18 inches, Chim Cheree The Chimney Specialists can install a smoke guard over the top of the fireplace opening that can protect your family. We also provide smoke chamber parging services, which can help this important chimney component to function better.

If a smoky chimney is keeping you from enjoying your fireplace this winter, Chim Cheree The Chimney Specialists can help. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with our expert chimney professionals.

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