We Do Firebox Rebuilds

When you own a home with a fireplace, you have the responsibility of making sure there is no damage present. Especially damage that could pose safety hazards to your family and your home. Preventing accidental fires and carbon monoxide leaks involves routine professional maintenance checks of your fireplace and chimney. This is to pinpoint any kind of damage that needs to be repaired. The Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA)-certified chimney sweeps perform annual chimney inspections. We take a close look not only at your chimney, but your firebox as well.

What happens if we find damaged bricks and mortar joints in your firebox? We will give you written and photographic evidence of the damage. In addition, a written estimate of the repairs that are necessary to make your fireplace safe to use again. We are proud to provide firebox rebuilding services to the residents of Upstate South Carolina. Now, we would like to tell you a bit more about the importance of repairing a damaged firebox.

How does a firebox get damaged?

The bricks and mortar of your firebox are constantly exposed to extremely high temperatures, every time you use your fireplace. The firebricks used to construct the firebox are durable enough to withstand this heat. However, the CSIA warns that the mortar joints will wear out over time due to constantly expanding and contracting. Unfortunately, although refractory mortar is specified to be used when constructing fireboxes, it is not used as often as it should be. Another issue that causes firebox damage is water penetration. If your chimney is not protected by a chimney cap, water from rain can pool on the smoke shelf. This is where it combines with soot to form an acidic slurry that can drip down into the firebox to deteriorate the mortar joints.

How can Chim Cheree The Chimney Specialists repair and rebuild my firebox?

If we find any damage to your firebox during our inspection, or if you notice any cracks and gaps in your firebox in between your annual inspections, our experienced chimney masons can make repairs using tuckpointing techniques. You can trust us to use the right type of refractory mortar that is necessary to withstand the high heat in fireboxes to replace any damaged mortar joints. If your firebox is damaged beyond this type of repair, we also provide firebox rebuilding services. We will remove the damaged firebox and build you a new one. We use high-quality firebricks and refractory mortar to construct a firebox that will work safely and efficiently.

Protect your family and home from accidental fires and carbon monoxide leaks with a firebox rebuild! Contact us at Chim Cheree The Chimney Specialists to schedule an appointment for our professional firebox rebuilding services.

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