We Use HeatShield!

You always need your chimney to be properly lined. Why?

  • It protects the combustible parts of your home from heat transfer.
  • Keeping the bricks and mortar joints of your chimney safe from the corrosive gases of combustion.
  • Helps in providing a correctly sized flue to your heating appliance.

Without a good quality liner, there are hazardous situations present in your chimney. In addition, your home is also in violation of modern building codes as chimney liners are required. Chim Cheree The Chimney Specialists offers chimney relining services to the residents of Upstate South Carolina. So now, we would like to tell you more about one of these services, HeatShield. Also, how we can reline your chimney.

What exactly is HeatShield?

If you have a masonry chimney, you most likely have a clay tile liner. This type of liner is durable and will last for years. Consequently, over time, the tiles can chip away and form gaps and cracks that should be repaired for safety reasons. These repairs used to be very time-consuming and expensive; however, the invention of HeatShield has revolutionized repairing clay tile liners. This system uses a specially formulated sealant material to restore the integrity of the flue.

Our chimney technicians have been trained how to use HeatShield. Not to mention, you can trust this training and our experience to properly repair your clay tile liner with this product. We will inspect your chimney to see which method we will need to use. The Joint Repair System is used to repair broken mortar joints. So, we will use this system if there are no other major problems. If your clay tile liner has a lot of gaps and cracks, we will use the Resurfacing System. This restores the flue to give it the protection powers it needs. If your liner is damaged beyond repair, we can use the CeCure Sleeve Relining System to provide your chimney with a new liner.

What other chimney relining services does Chim Cheree The Chimney Specialists provide?

We can also reline chimneys with Supaflu Relining, a lightweight concrete material that insulates the chimney. This is a cast-in-place type of liner and works well with older chimneys that need to be upgraded to modern standards. We can also reline your chimney with a stainless steel liner that comes with a lifetime guarantee. We recommend installing a new stainless steel liner when you upgrade your old masonry fireplace to a new fireplace insert. This is because it will provide a correctly sized flue for the new appliance.

Is it time to reline your chimney? Contact us at Chim Cheree The Chimney Specialists to learn more about HeatShield and our other professional chimney relining services.

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