Whitecaps Big Dripper Cap

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The Big Dripper Cap from Whitecaps is a revolutionary new chimney cap that takes the place of a proper concrete crown and a full coverage chimney cap.

Very few chimneys in Upstate South Carolina are built with a proper concrete crown. A proper crown will extend past the edges of the chimney top by at least two inches and incorporate a drip edge so that water drips to the roof, rather than running down the sides of the chimney structure.

The Big Dripper cap is custom built to cover the entire top of the chimney. It attaches at the widest point of the chimney, so it covers any corbeled brick at the top. It extends two inches from the widest point of the chimney and incorporates a drip edge.

Keeping water from the top and sides of the chimney is the first step in protecting the chimney from water damage. The Big Dripper Cap from Whitecaps gives us a lower cost option for protecting the chimney top.

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