Winter Heating Tips: Maximize the Efficiency of Your Fireplace and Chimney

Even though we live in the South, we have been experiencing record low temperatures this winter. Our customers at Chim Cheree, The Chimney Specialists have been asking us for winter heating tips to get the best efficiency out of their fireplaces. When the temperatures drop below freezing, there is nothing better than sitting in front of a warm and cozy fire. However, the importance of good fireplace and chimney maintenance cannot be stressed enough to our customers. Not only will your chimney and venting system be safe to use on a regular basis, but you will also heat your home more efficiently with a well-maintained fireplace and chimney. We would like to share with you some winter heating tips from the U.S. Department of Energy to get the maximum efficiency out of your fireplace and chimney system.

Winter Chimney Tips - Greenville SC - Chim Cheree

Keep the damper closed when you do not have a burning fire.

An open damper is one of the most common ways cold air can leak into your house. Heated air can escape through an opened damper as well. It can be easy to forget to close the damper after the fire has burned out, but keeping the damper open allows drafts that cause a loss of heat and an inflow of cold outside air. Always be sure to close the damper once the fire is out to maximize heating efficiency. We assure you that your heating costs will be lowered.

Add accessories to your fireplace to increase the warmth.

Installing tempered glass doors to the front of your fireplace can help you keep your fireplace safe and warmer. Tempered glass is four to seven times stronger than regular glass and is made to withstand temperatures up to 400 degrees. You can also have a heat-air exchange system installed to blow the heated air back into the room.

Check the seals around your fireplace damper.

Ensure these seals are air-tight to keep hot air from escaping and cold air from entering. If you have a traditional throat damper, you may want to consider it with a top-sealing damper that has a silicone rubber gasket with an air-tight seal. Top-sealing dampers are excellent ways to increase heating efficiency and to save you money on heating costs.

Insulate your chimney.

The byproducts of combustion that exit your chimney create creosote deposits that build up on the walls of your chimney. This decreases the efficiency of your fireplace and chimney and increases your risk of a devastating chimney fire. A stainless steel chimney liner protects your chimney from the corrosive byproducts of combustion and also maximizes your fireplace and chimney system’s efficiency.

Schedule your annual chimney inspection and sweeping.

Our CSIA-certified chimney sweeps will ensure all of the parts of your fireplace and chimney are working properly and safely. We can also take measures to make your chimney system works as efficiently as possible.

Want to know more winter heating tips? Contact Chim Cheree, The Chimney Specialists today to learn more ways to maximize your fireplace and chimney system’s efficiency.

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